Total SEO are a Digital Marketing Agency in Hampshire

The problem…

Digital Marketing Experts Total SEO had always planned their holidays using a manual, paper based system but as the company grew this became more and more difficult to control.  This often resulted in key members of staff being away from the office at the same time as others, leaving them short staffed when they needed their most important people in the office.

The solution…

Last year Total SEO started using LeavePlanner as their solution for planning holidays and staff time away from the office.

Director Simon Chapple explains ‘LeavePlanner has revolutionised the organising and planning of who can be away and when.  The system allows us to set rules which prevent key people being away at the same time and it also allows staff to quickly and easily view their holiday allowance, usage and upcoming booked dates.

We have found LeavePlanner to be an awesome management tool and a great way of staying on top of planning holiday and absence with very little hassle.’

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