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What can I expect?

We will onboard your employees for free
If you provide us with your employee details, your system will be pre-populated with your own employee data and we can amend the system settings to reflect how you manage and track staff absence.

Get access to the full system
Because we give you complete access to LeavePlanner during your trial, you can even treat your trial system as your live system, with any data or absence settings you add remaining in place if and when you decide to go live.

Quick and helpful tips
During your trial period, we will send you hints and tips via email that introduce some of the most useful features in LeavePlanner, like:

  • Using the LeavePlanner app
  • Integrating your LeavePlanner events with MS Outlook, Google and Apple calendars
  • Creating Low Cover Protection groups to better manage team resources
  • How to automatically carry over unused leave from one year to another
  • Using reports to review and export employee leave data
  • Creating additional leave types to track absence, like time off in lieu, training or maternity leave

Comprehensive support and resources

For additional support, there is a comprehensive LeavePlanner online help system, user videos and you can arrange an online demonstration with one of the sales support team by contacting

For any queries, call Steve on 01252 636 070 or email