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LeavePlanner Absence Management Software – tried, trusted, recommended

LeavePlanner is a proven cost-effective absence management solution. Ideal for SMEs who find that the challenges of managing absence are having a negative impact on staff productivity; which will be costing the business money. Automating the initial checks and balances of your absence management system is the smarter way to work.

LeavePlanner overcomes real-life resource challenge

Managing absence can be a time-consuming and often frustrating task, but LeavePlanner relieves the stresses and strains of managing out of date systems and processes and brings a refreshing, stream-lined approach to managing absence more effectively.

LeavePlanner Online Absence Management Solution is tried, trusted and recommended and we guarantee that using LeavePlanner will ease your absence management headaches as well as saving you time and money.

An absence management system that ticks all the right boxes

LeavePlanner for Managers
  • Increased productivity
  • Low cost investment
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Secure web-based 24/7 accessibility
  • Tracks all types of leave
  • Full reporting functionality
LeavePlanner for Employees
  • Self-service holiday planner
  • Web-based 24/7 accessibility
  • Easy click booking system
  • Reduction on time spent on leave requests
  • Reduces risk of human error
  • Reduces staff conflict

You'll love LeavePlanner because...'ll gain a fast, accurate and more efficient absence process by managing all types of leave, saving you, your staff and your organisation both time and money. can quickly make informed decisions and comparisons by using the built in Reporting tool to analyse absence data for individuals, departments or across the company. puts an end to your departments being left short staffed during busy periods, time consuming allowance calculations for part-time staff and disagreements about how much leave employees have taken.

LeavePlanner makes life simpler

Low Cover Protection

Ensure your key staff are always available by setting a minimum attendance or maximum absent staff level for a department or group.

Full Control

Customisation of employee working hours, working patterns, bulk requests and leave blackouts allows comprehensive planning.

Bradford Factor Reports

Built-in automatic Bradford Factor calculator to help monitor and report on staff sickness levels.

Leave Management

Flexible settings to automatically manage the allocation of annual leave including auto-increment and leave carry over.