In recent years, a new trend has emerged in the world of work-life balance: Quiet Vacationing.

In this blog, we’ll explore what Quiet Vacationing is and what it means for your business.

What is Quiet Vacationing?

Quiet Vacationing is when employees travel to a holiday destination and work remotely from there, blending the boundaries between work and leisure. It allows employees to take a break from their routine without using their annual leave.

Why is Quiet Vacationing becoming so popular?

Work-Life Integration: Quiet Vacationing allows for a seamless integration of work and leisure. Employees can enjoy new environments and experiences while still meeting their professional obligations.

Mental Refreshment: A change of scenery can boost creativity and productivity. Working from a relaxing location can help reduce stress and provide a mental refresh, even if you’re still checking emails and attending meetings.

Saves Annual Leave: By not using annual leave, employees can save their holiday allowance for a time when they might need them more, such as during family emergencies or special occasions.

Flexibility: Quiet Vacationing offers flexibility in scheduling. You can work during the morning and explore your destination in the afternoon, or vice versa. This flexibility can lead to a more balanced and enjoyable experience, with plenty of time for sightseeing, sampling local cuisine and relaxation.

How Quiet Vacationing can work for employees and the employer?

The Right Amenities: Having reliable internet access is essential for making Quiet Vacationing work, as well as having an environment that will be easy and comfortable to work in.

Set Boundaries: Discuss availability and working hours, so colleagues know when they are able to contact you and ensure that work commitments can be met. Employees should think about time zone differences and how this could impact communication with their colleagues.

Allow Flexible Working: Remote working and flexible working has been becoming more and more popular since the pandemic. If businesses are able to get this right, Quiet Vacationing becomes a real opportunity and a valuable benefit for attracting new staff and retaining current employees.

How LeavePlanner Can Help

With LeavePlanner you can specify employee working hours, working patterns and rotas, plus set staff limits to maintain staff levels. This way you can keep on top of flexible and remote working, making Quiet Vacationing manageable for those who want an added work-life balance.

You can also keep track of annual leave, helping to manage workload effectively and prevent staff shortage.

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