Kitting your office out with plants could be the answer to reducing absence in the workplace, researchers have found.

Brits take around 160 million sick days every year, costing employers over £14 billion. Minor illnesses such as coughs and colds are the biggest cause of absence, closely followed by depression, anxiety and stress, which accounts for 15 million days per year. However, researchers say that by investing in some greenery, it will help to purify the air of toxic chemicals, thus reducing absence.

Delving further into the topic, multiple studies from around the world have concluded that plants reduce absenteeism by 30-60%, minor illnesses by 30%, dry skin by 20% and coughing by 37%.

Generally, aim to have one plant every three people. Plants that are visible to employees – either on a desk, on top of a filing cabinet or floor-standing plants, have been found to improve mood, reduce blood pressure and lessen stress.

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