LeavePlanner – simplifying the absence management process

Finding your way around the LeavePlanner absence management couldn’t be simpler. LeavePlanner is designed to make lives of HR Managers and Administrators easier, and that includes ensuring the transition from manual to automated absence management is quick and easy for all who need to use the system.

Below are some screenshots of our revolutionary LeavePlanner system. Here you can see how user-friendly and easy to implement the LeavePlanner system is, and we guarantee that it won’t be long before you start reaping the rewards gained through working with an automated system.

LeavePlanner Home Page

picture of the homepage
The LeavePlanner home page for a System Administrator

LeavePlanner Leave Calendars

picture of the grid calendar
The LeavePlanner Grid Calendar
picture of the classic calendar
The LeavePlanner Classic Calendar

Requesting Leave

picture of the leave request by click and drag
Click and drag on the calendar to request dates
picture of leave confirmation popup screen
Confirm your selection and type of leave

Viewing Your Leave Summary

picture of the user summary page
Easily check how much leave you have taken

Authorise Leave Request

picture of the leave authorisation page
View request details before authorisation

Manage Users

picture of the user account page
Set an employee’s account details
picture of the leave authorisation page
Set who authorises an employee’s leave and who needs to be notified
picture of the user working pattern page
Set an employee’s working pattern
picture of the user allowances page
Set an employee’s leave allowances and public holidays

Low Cover Protection

picture of the low cover management page
Set up low cover protection

Bulk Leave Request

picture of the bulk request page
Enter leave for multiple people in one go
picture of the bulk request confirmation page
Check the details before confirming the request

For any queries, call Steve on 01252 636 070 or email support@leaveplanner.com