As the colder months are beginning to creep in, so is the start of the cold and flu season. We’ve put together some useful tips to make sure businesses don’t get caught out by staff sickness this winter:

Allow flexible working

No one wants someone coughing and spluttering over them in the office. Offering working from home and flexible working hours will make it easier for staff to continue working, if they feel able to.

It may avoid some employees having to call in sick if they feel slightly under the weather.

Staff reminder

It’s worth reminding staff that any unauthorised absences may result in disciplinary action.

This will help to prevent anyone ‘pulling a sickie’, especially during the cold and flu season, when staff sickness levels may naturally be higher.

Monitor unauthorised absences

Having the right software to log absences efficiently, will make it easier to monitor if any employees are taking too many unauthorised absences, so any issues can be investigated and dealt with. This is something the LeavePlanner software can help with.

Arrange cover

Having willing colleagues on standby who can cover other people’s shifts at short notice will help to prevent any staff shortages.

If you don’t have enough staff available, you may also want to approach an agency to discuss temporary hires.

What LeavePlanner can do

Maintain correct staffing levels

LeavePlanner makes it easy to log absences quickly, so businesses can monitor and maintain the correct staffing levels, as well as investigate unauthorised absences and take any necessary disciplinary action.

Specify working schedules

LeavePlanner takes the headache out of staff absences, as administrators can use the software to specify employees’ working patterns, working hours and rotas, so you won’t be left short staffed this flu season.

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