With a growing demand on having more free time to enjoy, this year you’re able to get over 50 days off by only using 25 days of your valuable paid time off. This strategic leave planning method will utilise public bank holidays and weekends, which you can see and plan using our LeavePlanner software. 


The Benefits of Strategic Leave Planning 

Strategic leave planning is more than just having the ability to plan your holidays; it is a powerful tool which will help you to unlock the full potential of your paid time off. This is often done by tying your leave into public bank holidays to help you unlock “extra” free time.  

By proactively planning your paid time off you can savour every moment of your well-earned breaks whilst staying within your allocated days. This planning is even easier with our LeavePlanner software which allows you to book in advance, and can automatically fill out public bank holidays, making your strategic planning even easier. 


Maximise Your Time Off 

One of the primary benefits of strategic leave planning is the ability to maximise your time off without exceeding your allocated paid time off. By carefully picking the right dates you can extend your breaks, giving you the freedom to recharge, explore new past times, or alternatively go travelling.  


Being Available When It Matters Most 

You can avoid being absent at important occasions by ensuring that you plan your leave proactively. Whether you want to see a loved one, attend a family event, enjoy a seasonal activity, or just celebrate your birthday, planning your time off in advance can ensure that you have the dates you want. This offers peace of mind, helps to reduce stress levels, and aligns your most important moments with your working life. 


Avoid Last-Minute Worries 

The further in advance you’re able to plan your leave, the less chance there is of unnecessary stress or uncertainty potential last-minute leave requests. With strategic leave planning, you can confidently secure the desired dates, allowing you the opportunity to make arrangements and enjoy additional free time. 


Achieve A Healthy Work-Life Balance 

Improving your work-life balance can help you to feel comfortable in a job role, and a large part of this can be down to planning time off. By balancing your professional commitments with your personal time you’ll be able to achieve a better feeling of fulfilment and job satisfaction. In turn, this will make you a more motivated and engaged employee which could help you get a promotion. 


Which Days to Book for Optimal Time off in 2024 

This strategy for getting the most out of your annual leave makes a few assumptions about your working days. There are only two and they’re very simple; you work a five-day week, and that you get 28 days annual holiday. If this is the case, here’s how to use 25 days of paid time off to get over 50 days of leave! 

  • The Easter Break 

By booking off dates from the 25th of March through to the 5th of April, you can enjoy a total of 16 days off work. This use of eight days annual leave is perfect for a trip abroad to soak up some sun. 

  • The May Bank Holidays 

May is a great month to get up to 18 days off for the price of 8 days of annual leave. By booking off dates from the 7th to the 10th you’ll be able to get a nine-day break. Follow this up by booking off the 28th to the 31st you can secure another week off, allowing you ample time to prepare for the warmer months. 

  • August’s Bank Holidays 

In August you should be booking the 27th to the 30th off in your LeavePlanner to use four days annual leave and have another nine-day break. This may be a great time of year for a staycation in the Lake District, or perhaps a camping trip to the coast. 

  • The Festive Period 

During the Christmas holidays in December, you can get 12 days off by booking only five days of annual leave. Booking the days leading up to Christmas day, the 23rd and 24th, then the days afterwards of the 27th, 30th, and 31st, you’ll enjoy a nice extended break which will see you into the New Year.  

You may not be able to utilise all of these opportunities, however leveraging one or two can enhance your mental and physical well-being and gives you the opportunity to return to work refreshed. 


Managing Time Off with LeavePlanner 

With the New Year in full swing, it is commonplace for employees to be seeking time off this year and maximising their time to enhance their work-life balance. This might seem like a logistical challenge for employers, however by using a paperless system such as LeavePlanner you can track, change, and prepare for staff holidays in advance.  

LeavePlanner makes managing and approving holiday requests simple. By using an online calendar, businesses can keep track of outstanding holiday, manage the right staffing levels, and ensure there are no blackout periods in real-time. 


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