The UK has endured record-breaking temperatures over the last couple of weeks, but unfortunately this hot weather can cause issues for employers, with lower productivity levels and increased absences.

So, we thought we’d look at how employers can manage heatwave absences:

Set out expectations

Nice weather and the school summer holidays can result in more staff taking sick days. To try and prevent staff ‘throwing a sickie’, it’s a good idea to make employees aware that it will go as an unauthorised absence and may result in disciplinary action being taken.

Manage unauthorised absences

It’s important to have an effective way of logging absences, so you can determine if any employees are taking too many unauthorised absences and investigate any issues.

Investing in the right software that makes managing absences easy, like LeavePlanner, is crucial.

Keep cool

Ensuring your offices have working air conditioning, or enough fans for your staff, is vital for making working in a heatwave bearable. Providing appropriate working conditions will help to prevent absences.

Relax the dress code

If your dress code is usually smart, relaxing it will help to make it more comfortable for employees in the heat. For example, ditching suits and ties in favour of short-sleeved shirts and clothes more appropriate for the summer temperatures.

Offer flexible working arrangements

Allowing staff to work from home will mean they can avoid off-putting hot and difficult journeys into the office, which may cause some workers to call in sick.

Offering flexible hours will make it easier for staff to work, this will particularly help if travel is disrupted.

Allow short holiday notice

As long as there are no pre-existing work commitments, big deadlines or important meetings, allowing staff to take holiday at short notice will prevent people taking sick days.

How can LeavePlanner help?

Manage absences

With LeavePlanner, absences can be logged quickly, which makes it easy to monitor and maintain the correct staffing levels. It also allows employers to investigate unauthorised absences and take any necessary action.

Manage working schedules

Administrators can use LeavePlanner to specify employee working hours, working patterns and rotas.

Manage holiday requests

LeavePlanner makes it easy for managers to approve last minute holiday requests. Employees can access the system remotely and from any device, making holiday approvals possible from anywhere.

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