That feeling of dread that you get in your gut as it dawns on you that the summer has come to a close, your holiday is over and the prospect of a 3 month build up to Christmas chrystalises, is a feeling many of us recognise. If you’re struggling to get back into the swing of things following a summer holiday, here are a few ways to mitigate the back-to-work blues.

Prepare well

Scanning your emails the evening before your first day back will undoubtedly ease you back into the working week. Scroll through your inbox and delete any spam or unwanted emails; that way your Monday morning can be spent doing something productive, rather than filtering through mass emails.

Likewise, phoning a colleague for a quick catch up the day before, will refresh your mind of what needs to be done on your return, making your first day a little less daunting.

Get an early night

Sleep experts believe there’s real value in committing to bed times no later than 10pm, for 4 to 5 nights per week, to help you get back on track. This is to ensure that your body rests during sleep cycles, which will help regulate health and emotional wellbeing. Before bed, spend at least 30 minutes ‘winding down’, like reading a book or having a warm bath – you’ll need it for a busy week!

Take an extra day off

Instead of diving straight back into work, take an extra day’s leave for some personal admin – check your work emails, relax from your rather hectic break and get yourself mentally prepared. Speaking to a business owner, “if you take a Monday off, a 4-day week to ease you back in is a much more bearable prospect”.

Keep your ‘out of office’ on

You won’t be judged for doing this, as many of us are guilty of leaving our ‘out of office’ on to catch up on some well-needed admin. The moment you turn the auto message off, people will know you’re back and will be chasing you. Instead of being on the back foot, why not leave your ‘out of office’ message running for another day so you can spend the extra time on more strategic planning?

Book more time off

It’s very common for employees to book their next break the second they return from their current one. That way, it’s much easier to throw yourself back in to a period of hard work, knowing you have something to look forward to further down the line.

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