The NHS estimates that around 10 million people currently suffer with hay fever, and as we come to approach the time of pollen being at its peak, it’s proving to not only be a nightmare for sufferers, but also for businesses when it comes to managing absence.

According to a 2018 study conducted by Well Pharmacy in celebration of Allergy Awareness Week, 1 in 5 hay fever sufferers will take time off work due to itchy eyes, runny noses and sneezing fits.

Researchers have revealed how the common pollen allergy is impacting the working day. A third of sufferers often feel too worn out to work, 44% find themselves unable to stay focused having to constantly blow their nose, and almost half of sufferers agreed those non-sufferers around them in the office aren’t sympathetic towards their allergy.

How LeavePlanner can help

We understand that staff can be off work for various reasons, which is where LeavePlanner comes in.

Our absence management software was built around the aim of developing a tool with completely customisable features for administrators; which includes adding your own personalised leave types – hay fever absence could become a leave type if it’s a common theme in your office!

Report staff absence and view real-time absence reports with the click of a button. Start your 30-day LeavePlanner trial for no upfront cost today.

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