Managing a team is no small feat. In an era where companies can range from tight-knit startups to vast multinational corporations, finding team-building activities that cater to every company size can be challenging. However, with the shift towards remote working and the digital age, options have broadened. From escape rooms to virtual quizzes, let’s explore fun team-building activities suitable for all.


1. Escape Rooms:

Escape rooms have taken the corporate world by storm, promoting problem-solving, collaboration, and communication. They challenge teams to work together, decipher clues, and beat the clock. Whether you’re a team of five or fifty, escape rooms can be tailored to accommodate. Plus, many escape room companies now offer virtual experiences, perfect for remote teams.


2. Virtual Quizzes:

Thanks to tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, virtual quizzes have become the new Friday night pub quiz for companies. With various themes and topics available, these quizzes test general knowledge, promote friendly competition and are flexible in terms of participant numbers.


3. Outdoor Adventure Days:

For larger companies, outdoor adventure days can be a fantastic way to get employees interacting. Activities can range from obstacle courses, rafting to team sports. The natural setting also offers a refreshing break from the corporate environment.


4. Cooking Classes or Competitions:

Both physical and virtual cooking classes provide teams with a unique opportunity to bond over food. Whether you’re making pasta from scratch or decorating cupcakes, it’s an excellent way for small to medium-sized teams to collaborate and enjoy the fruits of their labour together.


5. Game Nights:

Traditional board games, video game tournaments or online multiplayer games can cater to groups of varying sizes. They instill a sense of camaraderie, strategic thinking, and a touch of nostalgia for many.


6. Group Workouts:

Be it a yoga session, a dance class, a boot camp or training for a local running event, group workouts are great for team cohesion and wellness. With many fitness instructors offering virtual sessions, companies can easily incorporate these into their team-building morale.


Utilising Absent Management Software:

While these activities are designed to build stronger teams, it’s crucial to ensure that they don’t disrupt work schedules. This is where tools like LeavePlanner come into play. By effectively managing absences, holidays and team availabilities, you can seamlessly plan team-building activities without hindering productivity. Remember, the goal is to boost morale and improve team dynamics, not to add stress.


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