A study of 2,000 office workers in Britain has revealed that taking annual leave every 43 days helps stave off exhaustion.

Going 6 weeks without a break can lead to a complete burnout, with 7 in 10 employees saying they suffer fatigue and feel run down if they go too long without booking a holiday.

It also emerged that the most common signs of a holiday being due are feeling stressed (56%) and finding that mental wellbeing is starting to deteriorate (53%).

For 3 in 10 adults, sleepless nights are an indicator that work is beginning to take its toll, while 23% will book some time off if they find themselves crying for no apparent reason.

Of those who do proceed to book annual leave to recuperate, 7 in 10 don’t feel the need to go abroad – just spending time at home or in the garden is enough to relax. Watching TV, reading a book, taking long walks and exercising are high on the agenda of things to do when taking time off work.

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