September marks the onset of colourful autumn leaves, crisper weather and a particularly significant event – children heading back to school. For working parents, this period is synonymous with juggling schedules, ensuring kids adjust smoothly to their new classes and inevitably, the unplanned days off when a child falls sick or has a school event.

LeavePlanner, the absent management software can ease this juggle, ensuring both employers and employees navigate the back-to-school season seamlessly.


Flexible Scheduling for Parent-Employees:

Children’s schedules can be unpredictable. Whether it’s an early school closure, parent-teacher meetings, or after school activities, parents often require flexible work hours. LeavePlanner allows employees to quickly request half-days or modify their work hours, ensuring they can meet their children’s needs without affecting their work commitments.


Swift Approval Process:

Last-minute changes, such as a child falling ill, can disrupt a parent’s workday. With LeavePlanner’s streamlined approval process, managers can promptly address and approve short-term leave requests, reducing stress for both the employee and the team.


Shared Calendars for Team Transparency:

LeavePlanner allows teams to view shared calendars so managers and employees can anticipate and prepare for any potential disruptions due to parental obligations. This ensures smooth project planning and deadline management.


Data-Driven Insights for Managers:

Managers can utilise LeavePlanner’s analytics to identify patterns, ensuring they’re well-equipped to manage their team’s availability. By understanding the typical leave trends during the back-to-school season, managers can make informed decisions about staffing and resource allocation.


Enhancing Employee Morale:

Employees, especially parents, value understanding and flexibility. By utilising a system that supports their dual role as professionals and caregivers, businesses can boost employee morale and loyalty. Happy employees often translate to increased productivity and decreased turnover.


Reducing Administrative Overhead:

Paper forms, lengthy email chains and manual tracking can overwhelm HR departments. LeavePlanner digitises and simplifies this process, allowing HR to focus on more strategic tasks while ensuring accurate leave tracking.


The back to school season brings a unique set of challenges for working parents and their employers, which is made easier by an effective absence management system. LeavePlanner’s comprehensive features ensures businesses remain productive, while employees feel supported in their parental roles. In a world where work-life balance is paramount, LeavePlanner is an indispensable tool for modern businesses.


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