Automating leave tasks will reduce your workload

LeavePlanner will automate all leave tasks which is of huge benefit when working with rotas or shift patterns, managing working hours for part-time staff and incorporating public holidays into entitlements.

Packed full of time-saving features that are easy to use and monitor, LeavePlanner is designed to stream-line your absence management process.

Automatic Increment of Leave

You can use the automatic increment feature to increase your employees’ allowances each year and set a ceiling limit for the maximum allowance.

Automate how allowances change each year

Automatic Carry-over of Leave

To configure automatic carry-over of an employee’s unused leave, simply set up how many days are allowed to be transferred and an expiry date for when these must be used by in the following leave year.

The simple editing of working hours for part-time staff…

For employees with a standard working pattern

or for working rotas or shift patterns…

For employees who have a working rota

and for UK public holidays…

UK Public Holidays are automatically populated into the calendar and you can easily add public holidays for non-UK office locations too.

Public Holiday Management Page

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