There are a number of productive things offices in the UK can be doing to limit the spread of coronavirus – and no, we’re not talking about stocking up on toilet paper and pasta.

Stopping the spread isn’t just about keeping your desk area clean, the biggest culprit is something you spend over 3 hours per day on – your phone. Here are 5 steps to a coronavirus-free office environment.


Not many of us disinfect our phones, although we should, considering we touch them over 2,000 times per day. Our phones carry over 25,000 bacteria per square inch, which is dirtier than a kitchen counter, doorknob and toilet seat!

Ensure your phones are disinfected at least twice per week. Touching your phone, then touching your face and around your mouth could lead to infection.


Current guidance is advising us all to wash our hands with soap for 20 seconds per time. To put that into perspective, sing two rounds of ‘happy birthday’, making sure to clean between your fingers, then the back of your hands and up your wrists. And don’t use a towel that everyone else uses – air drying is better.


Still using handkerchiefs? Don’t – they’re a breeding ground for viruses. Swap them for disposable ones that you can chuck straight away. If you don’t have either to hand, the advice is to sneeze into the crook of your arm or into your hands if there’s somewhere to wash them immediately. Not ideal, but better than sneezing into a room full of people.


Keeping your hands clean will undoubtedly lower your chances of catching the virus, but when handwashing facilities aren’t available, turn to a hand sanitiser that has at least 60% alcohol. They’re not easy to get hold of, but anything lower won’t be effective.


Where practical, encourage everyone in the office to walk or cycle to work. Instead of busing it or catching the train in, where they’re likely to be surrounded by coughing and sneezing people, choose a healthier alternative. If public transport is their only option, advise them to avoid holding onto any rails where possible, or wear gloves.

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