As many of us begin to adjust to home working following the recent COVID-19 outbreak, employers are looking at ways to ensure their staff remain as productive as possible at home.

Although 77% of employees report higher productivity when working from home, we want to take a look at the home working essentials that help to maintain such high performance. Here they are:


Most of the time, offices have high ceilings, large windows and plenty of natural sunlight, but the same can’t be said for homes and apartments. To combat the drowsiness and lethergy that may come with working from home, opt for a light therapy lamp that mimics outdoor sunlight. They’re known to illuminate your working area and boost your mood, helping you feel more motivated.


One thing you’ll learn when working from home is who your noisy neighbours are. Crying babies, barking dogs and the occasional guitar lesson can be incredibly distracting, particularly when on a conference call. Consider investing in a pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones which does exactly that – drowns out any background noise.


Blue light blocking glasses are a great accessory for anyone sitting in front of a laptop all day. When working from home, you tend to stare at a screen for longer periods of time, instead of getting up and walking around, which can cause unwanted headaches or even migraines.


Keeping a diffuser near your workspace has been known to help employees feel more calm, relaxed and focused. You could even go up a level with a humidifier and diffuser duo, which not only makes the space feel zen, but also prevents the air from becoming too dry. An added bonus – humidifiers can ease some common cold and flu symptoms caused by dryness in the air, which is particularly useful in this current climate.


It’s happened too many times – it gets to 5pm and the only fluids you’ve drunk all day was that morning cup of coffee first thing. Staying hydrated offers numerous benefits – boosts metabolism, reduces fatigue, helps reduce headaches and enhances job productivity, to name a few. Invest in a water bottle that has encouraging markers on, helping you to stay on track with your water intake.

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