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Rounce and Evans


"As all our staff were based in different departments and locations, it was a real ordeal keeping track of when people wanted holidays as we had to make sure certain people did not take the same time off. As we used to use different diaries for different departments, it often meant people were waiting days (sometimes weeks!) to get authorisation for annual leave. It also meant that sometimes we double booked holidays and in some cases gave people time off they were not owed!"


"Since using LeavePlanner, we have not had one case of holidays clashing as our employees know who has booked holiday and for when before they even ask for time off. Everyone's booked dates, holiday allowance, sick days taken etc are stored in one place making the authorisation of holidays and time off a real doddle. We can see at a click of the mouse who is off and when, what holiday people have left and who has been off sick. The LeavePlanner software has turned a fairly time consuming exercise into an easy to use two minute job........................thank you"

Rounce And Evans Use Leave Planner

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