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MeetingZone is one of the world's largest independent conferencing services providers offering high performance, personalised Unified Communications, Web and Audio Conferencing services.

MeetingZone have used LeavePlanner since day one of the company starting out and, as they have expanded both in terms of the number of employees and operating countries, so their LeavePlanner system has grown seamlessly with them.  From the UK and 50 employees, nearly 150 staff now access the system from locations across Europe, the USA and Canada. 

The ease in which LeavePlanner can be structured to account for differing countries rules and allowances means that MeetingZone can administer one system from their UK Headquarters – this is key to the efficient running of the business.

"A simple to use system is critical to us.  As a user, it is very easy to use – it does what it says on the tin!” says Nikki King, Office Manager and MeetingZones’ Administrator of LeavePlanner.  “For our Managers, the Low Cover Group feature, where only a designated number of people can use annual leave at the same time ensures their teams are always staffed correctly, this is essential to our business operations."

"We will soon be making use of the Bradford Factor reporting tool built in to LeavePlanner to help us monitor and measure sickness across the company.  It will interesting to view the impact this has on our absences".

"Overall LeavePlanner is a great system and the technical support service is second to none"

Nikki King
Office Manager

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